Our Approach

Our team focuses on the development of the device while our customers generally develop the cloud infrastructure and dashboard required to process and present data and metrics back to their customers.

Gentian has experience of incorporating both standard sensors as well as custom designed sensors and electrodes to connected health devices monitoring a range of characteristics from vital signs through to bespoke smart monitoring applications. ECG, EEG, Respiratory rate, Myoelectrical activity and, NeuroMuscular Electrical stimulation(NEMS) among others are all areas Gentian has worked in.

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Specialist Connected Health
Design & Manufacturing Services

To develop a successful connected health device, the Gentian Health team focuses on Human factors and usability design to inform clever and aesthetically pleasing product design. In addition, our in-house embedded electronic design specialists focus on delivering electronic hardware and firmware design to specific medical device standards. Gentian has worked with all major communication protocols including Bluetooth, Lora, Wifi, GSM, NBIOT, Ziggbee and others.

Building on strong usability and human factors design, our mechanical design team leverage fabric and garment experience along with hard core plastics design experience to deliver a final product which meets all medical device and biocompatibility standards. Integration of Human factors engineering, product design, electronic design, mechanical design, biocompatibility and overall systems integration is key to delivering a successful wearable connected health device and we have all of these skillsets within our in-house design team.

Gentian Health provides full Design V+V and Design history file along with process validation documentation and device history records for clinical trial and follow-on manufacturing batches.

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Recent Client Solution in the Connected Health Device Industry

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